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Historical Addresses

This list and information was compiled by Brother Ahmad Muhammad (aka Rudy X Harlow)

and emailed to Muhammad Speaks Website on October 18, 2010 at 2pm

Sandersville and Desoto Georgia area


Birth place of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. (PBUH)



Cordell, Georgia


    The Messenger’s family moved to this area..



Houston County, outside of Unadilla, Georgia


    Birth place of Sister Clara Muhammad (nee Evans)



Macon, Georgia


    The Messenger and Sister Clara moved there with their first  Born, Brother Emmanuel.



Detroit, Michigan area




8474  Manhattan Street    Hamtramck, Michigan


    Residence of The Messenger and Sister Clara … circa late  1920’s  before He met Allah.




283 East Hancock Street    Detroit, Michigan


    Residence of The Messenger and family, living on the first floor.

    The Messenger’s brother Kalot lived upstairs.


Chene and Chestnut Streets    Detroit, Michigan


    Location of the first ‘Temple’ meeting place of The Nation Of

    Islam in the United States.    Year 1930.



3208 Hastings Street    Detroit, Michigan


    The new location of The Temple where The Honorable Elijah 

    Muhammad (Elijah Poole at that time in 1931) met Master Fard

    Muhammad, Allah in Person.



3408 Hastings Street    Detroit, Michigan


    Another location for The Temple.



Adams and St. Antoine Streets    Detroit, Michigan


    Another meeting site for The Temple.


3050 Yeamen Street    Detroit, Michigan


    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) rented this house from Mr. and Mrs. Butler.    Master Fard Muhammad paid the first months rent.



11529 Linwood  Street   Detroit, Michigan


    The longest in time meeting place for Temple Number 1.


Chicago, Illinois area



5830 South Wabash Avenue    Chicago 37, Illinois


    The Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad   (PBUH) lived here and held meetings at this address in the year  1934 to approximately 1940.   Westside of Wabash Avenue.  

    There were meetings in other Believer’s homes,lodge halls,                                                     

    UNIA (United Negro Improvement Association) locations as  well.


5308 South Wabash Avenue    Chicago, 15, Illinois


    Another residence of Messenger Muhammad and family.    

    Westside of Wabash Avenue.



3735 South Giles Avenue    Chicago 53, Illinois


    Another dwelling of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad  

    (PBUH)    Eastside of Giles Avenue.



843  East  43rd. Street    Chicago 37, Illinois


    Nation of Islam, Temple Number 2    Meeting place in a store    front near 43rd.  and Cottage Grove.  Early 1950,s.

    Southside of 43rd. Street.



5335 South Greenwood Avenue    Chicago 15, Illinois


    Nation of Islam, Temple Number 2 and  University of Islam

    Grammar and High School    1957 to 1971.    Eastside of Greenwood Avenue.



4847 South Woodlawn Avenue    Chicago 15, Illinois


    Residence of The H.E.M. Approximately from 1959 to 1972.

    Eastside of Woodlawn Avenue

    Telephone numbers:   DRexel 3-0230    Museum 4-8823   



4855 South Woodlawn Avenue    Chicago 15, Illinois


    New residence immediately to the south of the old residence.

    Eastside of Woodlawn Avenue.

    Designed by a Black Architect ??? and built by an African  Company  Kalla Construction Company.


7351  South Stony Island Avenue    Chicago, Illinois  60649


    Nation of Islam Mosque, University, (Elementary and High  

    School)  Progressive Land Developers and Center.                  

    The Largest purchase we made.    1971.

    Eastside of Stony Island Avenue.


370 East 71st. Street    Chicago, Illinois 60619

    South Park Bakery    Northside of 71st. Street

    Telephone Number  ST 3-9091



3934 South State Street    Chicago, Illinois 60609

    State Street Bakery (In the State-Pershing Shopping Center)

    (See ad in Muhammad Speaks  4-5-1968  Page 22.

    Westside of State Street. Telephone Number  548-9226



614  East 71st. Street    Chicago, Illinois 60619


    Shabazz Grocery Store.    Our first grocery store.

    Northside of 71st. Street.  Telephone Number  ST3-9846













616  East 71st. Street    Chicago, Illinois  60619


    Shabazz Restaurant    Northside of 71st. Street.  Telephone

    Number  483-1668


408 East Marquette Road (67th. St.)   Chicago, Illinois 60637


    Williams Clinic    operated by  Drs. Charles Lee Williams, (The 

    Messengers Physician) Dr. James Williams  and Dr. Jasper  

    Williams.    Northeast corner of  Marquette Road.                                                        

    Telephone Number  Plaza 2-3400    1312-955-8000                                                         



8345 South Cottage Grove Avenue    Chicago, Illinois  60619


    Your Super Market.   Southeast side of Cottage Grove Avenue.

    Our first large grocery store.   Telephone Number  994-0300.      


8341 South Cottage Grove Avenue    Chicago, Illinois  60619


    Your Fish Market, Southeast side of Cottage Grove Avenue.




8300 South Cottage Grove Avenue    Chicago, Illinois  60619


    The Salaam Restaurant.  Our largest and finest restaurant,

    known for serving  EVERYBODY REGARDLESS OF  FUNDS. A BOWL OF SOUP COULD BE PURCHASED FOR   $.10 CENTS.   Southwest side of Cottage Grove Avenue.

    Telephone Number 994-0700    488-9633



8401 South Cottage Grove Avenue    Chicago, Illinois 60619


    Muslim Imports and Merchandise Store    Southeast side of 

    Cottage Grove Avenue.     Telephone Number  874-2727



7800  South Cottage Grove Avenue    Chicago, Illinois 60619


    The Sales and Office Building,  Southeast side of Cottage Grove 

    Avenue.  Black architect Leroy Hilliard and Black builder                                                                      

    Ernest Bush of Bush & Smith Construction Company.



553 East 79th. Street  Chicago, Illinois  60619   


    Temple #2 Clothiers    Southside of 79th. Street   

    Telephone Number  ST3-8988


436 East 79th. Street    Chicago, Illinois 60619


    Muhammad Speaks Newspaper office before 2548 South   Federal Street.    Published under the heading of Muhammad’s Mosque No. 2, the headquarters of the newspaper was a small corner storefront  on the Northeast side of  79th. Street. It had full glass windows on the front and on the West side.

    Telephone Number was, Aberdeen 4-8622 and 8623


2548 South Federal Street    Chicago, Illinois  60616


    Muhammad Speaks Press and Muhammad Speaks Newspaper 

    offices. Cold Storage Plant, Chicago Lamb Packers, Inc., and  

    Good Foods Produce.     Northwest side of Federal Street  

    Telephone Number  (312) 225-2322


718  East  79th. Street    Chicago, Illinois  60619 


    Temple # 2  Barber Shop and Cleaners.   The Malcolm X Plot

    was hatched here.  (See Temple # 2  Barber Shop)    North side

    of 79th. Street.


632-634  East  79th. Street    Chicago, Illinois  60619


    Temple # 2  Clothing Store, Sewing Factory, Medical, 

    Muhammad Speaks Ad Dept.  and Office Building.

    Northside of 79th. Street, Corner of 79th and 

    Champlain Avenue.


    453 and 455  East  79th. Street    Chicago, Illinois  60619  


    National Clothing Factory, located on the Southside  of 79th. 

    Street.  Telephone Number    874-5224.



440 East  79th. Street    Chicago, Illinois  60619


     Amena Pastries - Shabazz Bakeries  -  Shabazz Coffee Shop  

     Northside of 79th  Street.     Telephone Number 846-6048



7432  South Racine Avenue    Chicago, Illinois  60636 


    Capitol Cleaners    Westside of Racine Avenue.    Telephone  

    Number  ST3-7884


2525 South Michigan Avenue  Chicago, Illinois 60616


    Mercy Hospital --- Eastside of Michigan Avenue, where The  

    Messenger was hospitalized and where He died  Tuesday,                                                    

    February 25, 1975 at approximately 8:10 A.M.    Telephone  

    Number  (1-312) 567-2000.


3232 South Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive  Chicago, Illinois 60616


    Griffin Funeral Home, Ltd.  Mr. Earnest Griffin, owner

    Westside of King Drive    Telephone Number  (1-312) 842-




18301  East Glenwood-Thornton Road    Glenwood, Illinois 60435 or 60480


    Mount Glenwood Memory Gardens Cemetery   Eastside of road  

    Telephone Numbers  (1-708) 758-5663    (1-800) 288-2020

    (1-800) 755-2121


    The Messenger, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s (PBUH)   grave location is Section C – Division 2 – Lot   44 – Grave 3    Buried Friday, February 28, 1975.


    The  Messenger is buried in an adjoining grave with His wife, Sister Clara Muhammad who was buried Tuesday, August 15,   1972.

    Also buried there is The Messenger’s mother, Sister Marie Muhammad, buried there in 1958.

    Sister Marie Muhammad’s name is spelled correctly on her   headstone  but The Messenger’s name is spelled incorrectly on purpose by His son Wallace Mohammed!  Wallace had

    The Messenger’s name spelled, Muhammed instead of   Muhammad!  Wallace never corrected this snide error!

    See copy of medical Certificate of death.













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