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12609 East McNichols

Detroit, MI 48205

(313) 371-7033

Every sunday


Every sunday

2-3 pm

2-3 pm



Minister Khalil Shabazz

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Lecture from 9-4-2022 Will Be Added To This List Soon

One Night In Miami . The Hypocrisy Of Malcolm Little 1-17-2021

"The Capitol Riots And The Sins Of America" 1-10-2021

"The Biblical Adam Is The White Man, A Coward By Nature" 1-3-2021

"The Tricknology Of The Devil" 12-27-2020

Health Conciousness and Why We Fast in December (12-20-2020)

Whose Christmas? And The the Black Conscious Copy Cats 12-13-2020

The Wicked Husbandman 12-6-2020

The Good Samaritan 11-29-2020

The Meaning of As-Salaam-Alaikum 11-22-2020

Crime Bill Joe and How To Help Yourself 11-8-2020

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad 11-1-2020

Ice Cubes Plan vs Muhammad's Plan

What is Islam and What is a Muslim

The God Tribe of Shabazz

The True History of Jesus

A Man Like Moses and The King James Version of The Bible

Your Agreement With Hell Will Not Stand

How To Eat To Live

The Blue Eyed Devil, The Untrue Race

Behold I Will Send You Elijah

The White Woman: Skunk of the Planet Earth

Islam vs Christianity

The Beast of Revelations

Israel is not a Good name and The Gods are At War

The True Knowledge of God

The Solution To Our Problem Is Divine

The Shame of Race Mixing

The Muslim Program

The Flag of Islam

The Hog 5-17-2020

The Day of Decision


The White Man's Diseases and the Making of The Pig


Ku Klux Klan and the Christian Religion


We Must First Be Brothers


For God So Loved The World and the KJV of the Bible 10-11-2020


Is Jesus Our Saviour?


Jesus was a Black Muslim not a Jew


The Blackman's Confusion

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