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Clarification of Actions Taken by Messenger Muhammad Against Muhammad Ali's Action


By Elijah Muhammad Messenger of Allah 

 Reprinted from the April 11,1969 Edition of Muhammad Speaks 


  Mr.Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) had been preaching to the Black Man here in America that Allah would give him MONEY , GOOD HOMES and FRIENDSHIP in all Walks of Life. Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) did not seem to care anything about what Allah (God) promised nor that Allah (God) has the power to back up His Word.


  Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) decided to go with the white man as soon as he found that thay had deferred him from going to the army. This act only shows that the world of sport and play was in the heart of Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) all the time and that he wanted to make money real fast. Holy Quran Chapter 29:


  Ever since he was a little boy he enjoyed fighting his Black brother and some times white people, in the ring for the joy of the white man. He knew that they were gambling on his skill as a fighter.


  Mr.Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) when he crossed over the rope to fight his opponent, knew that he had many people sitting down on the sidelines and all over the country and the world, betting on him to whip his opponent.


  An acciddental Blow, could be fatal to his opponent. People are being killed in the ring. How would Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) feel if he should kill his own brother, for the sake of a 'leetle money'.


  Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) has been fighting for a long time and the government has taken his money, that is why he does not have a 'leetle money' to show for his years of fighting in the ring.


  Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) has boasted that the government should let him go free because he was making millions of dollars for them. It does look like he was making millions of dollars for them as he, himself does not seem to have a 'leetle money'.


  He is asking them to let him come back for the sake of a 'leetle money' . . . . going , as though to say that "I was over here and could not get a leetle money , so let me come over there."


  He was trying to make the teaching a lie, when Allah (God) cannot lie. He has the power to make that which He says come to pass.


  Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) did such a foolish thing, by going back into the ring and wants me to keep him in the pulpit too.


  Bible Lu. 9:62 tell us that no man who deserts the pulpit for the sake of the world is fit for the kingdom of God.


  Bible Mt.6:24 means that he wants to serve Allah (God) and Mammon.


  Allah (God) says in His Holy Quran that you cannot serve two gods and be honest with both for you do not have two hearts.


   Since you have only one heart, then you can only serve one God.


   I Gave Him, the Muslim Name MUHAMMAD ALI and removed the slave name, Cassius Clay. This made him famous all over the world.


   Asia, the Muslim world recognized him to the highest, but no more when they find that he is still CASSIUS CLAY, every where. Why would Asia, respect MUHAMMAD ALI (CASSIUS CLAY). NO! ? They respected him because of the name, MUHAMMAD ALI. They did not respect him for the sake of the sport, boxing. They do not have prize fighting in the Muslim world. They respected Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) because he was a Muslim and was whipping the white man and the Black Man out of the honor of being the Champion man of the fistical world of sport.


  Do You Think that they will still respect MUHAMMAD ALI (CASSIUS CLAY). NO ! If they did they would not be good Muslims.


   If I take MUHAMMAD ALI (CASSIUS CLAY) down as being worthy of the respect of the Islamic World , do you think they would still respect him. NO! If the Muslims did continue to respect him, they would be unfit themselves to be call Muslims.


  MR. MUHAMMAD ALI (CASSIUS CLAY) make a public fool of himself by tarnishing the such great honor that had achieved under the name of MUHAMMAD ALI, that I gave him .


  I sent him around the world, and the Nation of Islam all over the world, stood in admiration of him. Then he had to go back and do the thing which Allah (God) did not approve of, as though Allah (God) was not able to give him a little money.


  IN the very beginning Allah (God) did not make the world for sport and play. THE HOLY QURAN, teaches MR. MUHAMMAD ALI (CASSIUS CLAY) that the heavens and the earth and the treasures of them all, are Allah's (God's). Chap,3:128,


  I HAVE PROVED TO YOU, that the Black Man owns both the heavens and the earth. Allah (God) came for the express pupose, as it is written, to give the kingdom to us, this means also MUHAMMAD ALI (CASSIUS CLAY).


  It is written in the Bible, that Allah (God) would give the Lost - Found the treasures of the heavens. People would even come from afar to bring treasures.


  THIS ARTICLE is an explanation and clarification of what I have previously said that MUHMMAD ALI (CASSIUS CLAY) made a complete fool of himself for accepting the sport which Allah (God) condemns.


  These things stand true to the eyes of the wise and the foolish. Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) sinned against the God's Own Promise of Paradise for His Lost - Found People. He could read in the Bible the Reward of the Righteous and the future of the Lost - Found.


  So Many Parables in the Bible tell you that the Lost - Found Nation will return to their homes with great joy.


  MR. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) said and did enough in this action of stepping down from the pulpit, to return to the world of sport, to deceive millions of our people who are hungry to do anything for the devil for a little money. The devil tries to tempt us with a promise of wealth that he will never be able to fulfill.


  TO YOU WHO ARE SEEKING CLARIFICATION OF MY ACTIONS, THIS IS IT. YOU MUST REMEMBER, that Revelations --- of the Bible teaches you that those who worship the enemy was deceived by the enemy. He deceived the world. They were deceived by what he promised them. That is why they went into a Lake of Fire. Maybe that is what MR. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) decided that he wanted to do, but not ELIJAH MUHAMMAD.


  IT DOES NOT DETRACT ONE ATOM, from the truth of the Promisde of Allah (God) by them going around being the enemy of Allah (God). THOSE OF YOU WHO DESIRE TO FOLLOW MR. MUHAMMAD ALI (CASSIUS CLAY) for the sake of a lillte money from the devil. I SAY HELP YOURSELF , BUT I ELIJAH MUHAMMAD WILL WAIT ON ALLAH (God).


  MUHAMMAD ALI, IS OUT of the circle of the Brotherhood of the followers of Islam under the Leadership and the Teachings of Elijah Muhammad, for one(1) year in Class "F".


  THIS MEANS, that Mr. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) is not respected in the society and circle of Islam for the next year, from the date of this statement and issue of MUHAMMAD SPEAKS News paper.


  THIS IS THE LAW which Allah (God) gave to me with which to punish my followers. Mr. Muhammad Ali shall not be recognized with us even under the Holy Name, MUHAMMAD ALI. We will call him Cassius Clay, with us. We take away the Name of Allah (God) from him, until he proves himself worthy of that name.


   THIS IS THE LAW OF ALLAH (GOD), to me. The Government of America, has known this LAW OF ALLAH (God) for many years. The Law is to take the identity card away from you. This is written on the identity card in red letters.


  MR. CASSIUS CLAY did not have one of these cards. It is good that he did not have one. Nevertheless, we carry the Principle into practice.




   TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE CALLING AND asking for a clarification. . . you are not the judge of this matter. This is for Allah (God) and myself to judge and not the world.


  FOLLOWERS OF MINE, my actions taken in this matter, are taken under the DEMAND OF ALLAH (God).


   I HOPE this clarifies the actions taken against Mr. Cassius Clay. I hope this answers your questions. LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU WHO ARE WEAK IN THE FAITH.

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