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Teachings From the Holy Qur'an 



Chaper 3, Verse 143   


And Muhammad is but a Messenger -- Messengers have already passed away 

before him. If then he dies or is killed, will you turn back upon your heels? 

And he who turns back upon his heels will do no harm at all to Allah. 

And Allah will reward the grateful.


Footnotes 496 & 497


"The Prophet received severe wounds in the battle of Uhud; there was even a 

rumour that he was killed. It is to this that the verse refers. Even if the 

Prophet were killed, Islam was so far superior to all forms of faith that the 

Muslims could not give up Islam. Truth was truth, though its advocate might be 

killed in a battle; nor could falsehood and superstition be accepted, though 

their advocates might prevail for a time.

 While this verse lays stress on the essential truth of Islam, it served 

another important purpose at the death of the Prophet. SOME OF THE COMPANIONS 

THOUGHT THAT THE PROPHET WAS NOT DEAD. Abu Bakr went in, and seeing that life 

had departed, ascended the pulpit and read this verse, which had a magical 

effect upon his hearers, all of them being convinced that the Prophet had passed 

away, as all prophets hadpassed away before him. 

The prophets were but mortals, and their span of mortal 

life must no doubt terminate like that of other mortals. This verse affords a 

conclusive proof that Jesus Christ was also dead; otherwise Abu Bakr's argument 

could not have silenced the doubters of the Prophet's death.

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