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Push the Play Button on the cartoon To hear Messenger Elijah Muhammad Speak

Cartoon from 1964 edition of Esquire Magazine depicting the former late president of France, Charles de Gaulle , speaking to white world leaders including Moshe Dayan and others from Israel and other places, pointing to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and declaring: "Were it not for this man, we would have a glorious future".

Messenger Elijah Muhammad's Words from 1964 Laborer's Meeting, with Ministers and Captains


"He was so bold to put this in his magazine saying that if they could liquidate or kill me, they would have a future, a glorious future. Think over that. They were bold enough to put it...they had my picture there and pointing directly at me. It is not hard to distinquish me there because he had my little fez on me. But I want you to know I have been knowing this all along, for 33 years. And this is one reason that I have you before me this morning. Because they may make a lunge out after me, one of these days. But that don't mean that you should stop. Even if I die or get killed, as the Holy Qur'an teaches you, That don't make you turn back on your heels. You carry the Word right along. Because my kind was before me. And we have the history on what happened to them. I'm not afraid that ...Allah will give them the priviledge of taking my life, but I'm just saying these things, if it would happen, Don't worry! You have the truth, just the same. And just step up in the next soldier's tracks that fell and keep going. Keep firing, and let them blow you down. That's the way we does on the battle front. Fast as one falls the other one steps up in his tracks. Until, finally, we will overcome the enemy and destroy him."

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