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Messenger Elijah Muhammad


White Christian Party (KKK)

Text Reprinted from this Pamphet that was published in May, 1958

J.B. Stoner, the Archleader and Imperial Wizard of the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan addressed a letter to a gathering of Muslims in Convention in Chicago during February 1957.

1 Thessalonians 2:14-16 St. John 8:44-48


Archleader, J.B. Stoner, P.O. Box 48

Imperial Wizard Atlanta, Ga.



Repent of Mohammedanism or burn in hell forever, throughout eternity.

"The Lord Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God and He is the only One Who can save your infidelic souls and lead you into Heaven. Read the Holy Bible. St. John 6:35 -- "And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life. He that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst." St. John 6:47 -- "Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on me hath everlasting life" St. John 8:12 -- "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." Acts 16:31 -- "And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved and thy house." Acts 4:12 -- "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven, whereby we must be saved." Therefore, Muhammad can do you no good.

"It does not surprise me to hear that Islam is growing among the Africans of America. It is easy to understand because Islam is a nigger religion. It has only been successful among Africans and mix-breeds and never among the white people never. As you probably know, Christianity was well established throughout North Africa by white people before Mohammed was born. As time went on more and more people in North Africa became mongrelized with African blood. Therefore, they were no longer able or willing to stand up and fight for Christianity when persecution came upon them from Arabia. Their faith in Christ was shallow and weak. Then came the bloody Islamic conquerors from Arabia who slaughtered white Christian leaders but spared the black people and mix-breeds. The Africans quickly forgot Christ, the true religion, and became Mohammedans. Some scholars have wondered why, but not me. I know why. Islam is a product of the colored race. Islam is a dark religion for dark people. I don't know why Africans would support Islam for any other reason except of race. There are several reasons why niggers should oppose it. One reason is that the Qur-an forbids Muslims to drink intoxicating drinks, whereas most niggers like to get drunk. It says also that thieves should have their hands cut off. How many niggers would be left with hands?

Christianity, the one and only true religion, has only been successful in white nations among white people, as recognized in the literature of the Christian Party. Christianity prevails in every white nation, even when outlawed, but does not appear to have roots in any colored nation that could withstand tribulation. Therefore on a racial group basis, it would appear that only the superior white race is capable of appreciating Christianity and that the dark inferior races prefer a heathen religion like Islam. Therefore, it is obvious that we Christians should work hard to preserve the great white race. Not only will we benefit; missionary work and be instrumental in saving the individual souls of millions of colored people in spite of their racial weakness and racial inferiority. We white Christians love the souls of all men, with all due respect to the racial differences that God Himself created. If GOD had only wanted one race, He would have created one race.

"To every place it has spread, Islam has been a blight and brought darkness. Islam's armies conquered much of Asia and Africa and even of Europe and caused darkness in every country that it entered and it decayed their civilizations that the great white race had built.

"Muslims, in their efforts to conquer the world, occupied most of Spain and even invaded ancient France. Fortunately, there was a great white Christian leader, Charles Martel. He saved Civilization and the white race by defeating the Mohammedans at the Battle of Tours in the year of our Lord 732 thus stopping the Islamic invasion of Europe. Later the Islamic Turks invaded white Christian Europe from the East. The Turks, under Suleiman the Magnificent, got as far into the heart of Europe as the gates of Vienna before they were stopped in 1529 A.D. In 1683 A.D., during the reign of Mohammed IV, they besieged Vienna again, but were soundly defeated by the great King John Sobieski in Poland, the hero of white Christiandom and perserver of civilization.


"One of the main purposes of Mohammedan invasion of white Europe was to capture white women. Only white women are beautiful. When ruling over white sections of Europe, part of the tribute required of the conquered people was the regular giving of beautiful white women to the Muslims as slaves. They didn't like their own dark women. The African race has never produced a beautiful woman so the Muslims were naturally not satisfied with their own black women. If the Africans were as good as whites, they would be happy with their own women instead of lusting for our white women. Your desire for white women is an admission of your own racial inferiority. One reason why we whites will never accept you into our white society is because a nigger's chief ambition in life is to sleep with a white woman thereby polluting her. Every time a demented white woman marries a nigger, your newspapers brag about the sin. The day will come when no nigger will be allowed to even look at a white woman or a white woman's picture. That will be a sad day for the men of your race who have no respect for their own women won=t it? For your information, nigger is the Latin word for black, so why are you ashamed of it?


"Yes, Africans in America are ashamed of their own race. They regret that they are what they are. As proof, look at the nigger newspaper that advertise skin whiteners, and so-called hair straighteners. If blacks are as good as whites why aren't they proud of their black skins and the kinky wool on top of their heads? If you aren't ashamed of your race, why don't you strive to keep it pure and preserve it and its characteristics.

"You blacks have a lower opinion of your own race than we whites have. You hate, yes hate your own African race so much that you want to destroy it by mixing your blood with white blood. You want white blood pumped into your race because you think white blood is better and will improve you and make you less negroid, less African. You are trying to forget your heritage and your race by associating with your white superiors.

"If you were as good as whites and equal to us, you would not be trying to force yourselves into white society. You would be happy with the company of your fellow Africans. Or, is the odor too much for you? Since you niggers don't respect your own race and don't love your race enough to preserve it, how can you expect white people to respect it? I have more respect for an African who believes in Black Supremacy and racial purity than I do for an African who hates his own race and tries vainly to disown it. I admire the African who says that no white man is good enough to shake hands with him.


"I hope you will appreciate the fact that I am not a hypocrite like some Yankees who preach race-mixing and practice segregation. I actually express the sentiments and feelings that are in the hearts of most white people everywhere when I tell you that I believe in white supremacy and the inferiority of all dark races.

"Why should we whites let Africans infiltrate our civilization when Africans have never been able to build or maintain a civilization of their own? You Africans are afraid to do it alone. You are afraid that you would get lost without the white man to guide you and help you. Yet with your mania for mongrelization, you are trying to destroy the white race that has given you civilization on a silver platter. You are striving to kill the white goose that laid the golden egg of civilization. If you succeed, you will not be able to get more golden eggs because the white goose will be dead.

"A new independent African nation will be born in a few days on March 6th, 1957. Now known as the rich Gold Coast, it will become known as Ghana. Blacks will run it from top to bottom. Do you think they are capable of success or does their black blood doom them to their failure? The black Prime Minister graduated from Lincoln University here in America. Many of Ghana officials have studied in America. English is a common language in Ghana. If the Africans had self-respect and ability, they would go to Ghana in Africa and prove their racial ability by helping to build a great African nation. They won't go because they have no confidence in themselves.

"They know that their race is a lower form of humanity and cannot stand on its own feet. The Africans of America are afraid to be without the white man, and thus, admit their own inferiority.

"The British West Indies that lie off the coast of the United States will also become a new independent black nation soon. They speak English there. However, American's black people won't even go that short distance to help build a black nation because there won=t be enough whites to control them and lead them around. The Africans of America are convinced that they would perish without the white race to help and protect them. Blacks even claim that white teachers are superior to black teachers. Inferiors always demand the right to associate with their superiors. When the black man cries against segregation, he is actually singing praises to the white race.


They never intended for America to fall into the possession of a dark race. Many of the founders of this nation owned blacks as slaves, such as Washington, Jefferson, and the great Patrick Henry who said: "Give me liberty or give me death."

America is a white Christian nation and no infedelic religion such as Islam, has a right to exist under the American sun. Your Islam, your Mohammedanism is not a white religion. Mohammedanism is a nigger religion. The white race will never accept it, so take it back to Africa with you. It is like the Holy Bible says about GOD'S plan for the nations of men in Acts 16:31 -- "And hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation." Therefore you have no place in America with your African race or your Islamic African religion.

"The Christian Party becomes stronger every day. When we are elected to power we will legally drive you out. Remember 1492 A.D. when those two great white Christian monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, expelled the Muslims from Spain. The Christian Party will be even more ruthless. We will not tolerate your infidelic Christ-hating religion on American soil. We will drive Islam into the ocean. America isn't big enough for the Christian Party and Black Islam, so Islam must go.


"You Muslims should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to lead the poor darkies of America into your Mohammedam hell. If they are smart, they will shun Mohammed and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, into Heaven and a happy and everlasting life.

"Repent and confess the Lord Jesus Christ or you will burn in hell forever, you infidels. Your false religion is an insult to the true living GOD.

"May God have mercy upon your heathen souls.

"With many wishes for the failure of Islam in America, I am, Yours for Christ, Country and Race, (signed)

J.B. Stoner Archleader of the Christian Party

P.O. Box 48 Atlanta, Georgia

The Messenger works continuously on the problem of UNITING the "So-Called Negro" read HIS ANSWER to Mr. J. B Stoner on the following pages.

In Reply to "Christian Party" Archleader's Letter He tells Him "I am Afraid You Might Fall Backward Into a Lake of Fire When You Attempt to Drive Islam Into the Ocean"

(As Appeared in the Pittsburgh Courier)


In a letter sent to the Moslem Convention which was held recently in Chicago, Mr. J. B. Stoner, archleader of the "Christian Party," of Atlanta Georgia, had made a number of strong attacks on Islam and its followers in the United States. The following is a reply to Mr. Stoner's letter, sent to him a few days ago by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, leader of thousands of Moslems in the U.S.A.


"The only so-called Negroes who love you (the whites) and desire you are those who are ignorant of the knowledge of you (this you do not know). And as soon as they awaken, as they will, to the knowledge of you being the real devils (their open enemies), they too will not shake your hands, nor want to look at you or even your shadow. The Truth of you will make all black mankind hate you, regardless of their color -- black, brown, yellow or red. This Truth of you is part of that secret that was withheld by Allah, to allow you to live your Time (6000 years). (I admit that the so-called Negroes are not only ignorant of self and you but they are actually mentally dead). Your time is up and you are now being revealed, and you will by no means be able to hide yourself or deceive my people any longer.


Who is to blame for this mixing -- black Africans or the white European devils? Did the black Africans go seeking your white women in Europe or did you carry her to them in Africa? Isn't it true that black Africans are today asking your kind to leave them and their country, and that you won't leave without war? (They will one day throw you out!)

"How did the so-called Negroes get into America? Did they come here of their own desire for America and for your women, or did YOU go after them in their country and bring them here against their will?"

"Did your Negro slaves every try making sexual love with their slave-masters' wives and daughters while you held and still hold complete power over them? Which of your houses and families show that the black and white males have been, and are still visiting -- yours or the Negroes? We see you day and night after the so-called Negro women whistling and winking your eyes and blowing your car horns at them; making advances to every Negro woman that walks, rides, flies or works for you in your homes, offices and factories. Not in America alone but all over the earth wherever you go among the black, brown, yellow and red people, we see that you are after our women, whom you say to be "ugly." If your women are so beautiful why then do our "ugly" women attract you and your kind? You and your kind, according to history, have been after our women ever since being on our planet. We drove you out of Asia six thousand years ago, to keep you away from our women and from mixing your wicked blood in ours. We veiled and locked our women in, to keep your adulterous blue eyes from feasting on her beauty. And the only solution to this mixture of your devil blood in our homes is that Allah remove you completely off our Planet, also those of our own who love and desire mixing with you! This is the Resurrection and Separation of us all; little do you and the so-called Negroes know or believe it!

"PROTECTION OF WOMEN: Your concern for the protection of your white women should have been prepared by your fathers, and self, by staying away from our women. YOUR race is still white, so what are you afraid of?

"I have been risen to raise my people here, and to help them into knowledge of self and their God Allah (who is in Person among them) and you their open enemies (the devils). Therefore, the so-called Negroes are your own product as far as teachings and training are concerned. If you have taught them (my people the so-called Negroes) the TRUTH why are you so afraid of them believing that which you didn't teach them?

"You said in your letter, "The Muslims should be ashamed of themselves for trying to lead the poor darkies of America into your Mohammedan hell." Have you the Christian Party, led the so-called Negroes into heaven? Wasn't John Hawkins (the slave trader) a member of your Christian Party (race)? He didn't sit them (the so-called Negroes) in heaven.

"The Muslims make the so-called Negroes who believe in Allah and his religion, Islam, equal in the brotherhood of our Nation. Have you done or are you doing it now: making the Christian believing Negroes your equal brothers? You say, "Confess the Lord Jesus Christ or you will burn in hell forever." That hell must not be so hot, that one can burn in it forever and never burn up.

"Isn't it true that your Christian Party lynches and burns your black Christian believers there in your own state (Georgia)? Have you ever seen or heard of us Muslims lynching and burning Negroes who believe or don't believe in Islam?

"You said we are Christ-hating'. You have used the name of Jesus for a bait to deceive the Negroes, while at the same time you are not a doer of the teachings of Jesus, nor of the Prophets before Jesus.

"Your Bible teaches against the doing of evil. It also warns you to do unto others as you would have done unto yourself, and to love thy brother as thyself. Not any of these teachings have you or your kind ever practiced. You do not care enough for a Negro Christian believer to call him your brother Christian. And you do not think of doing unto him as you would have done unto yourself. You beat and kill them (Negro Christian believers) day and night and bomb their churches, where in reality they worship YOU, not Jesus. You even burn your own Christian Sign (the Cross) when you plan to kill or burn your poor black Christian slaves.

"You acknowledge in your letter that >Islam was the Negroes' religion,' and that Christianity was a white peoples' religion.' Then why don't you leave the Negroes alone or help them get back to their OWN religion (Islam)? And why do you insult men and the whole Nation of Islam and threaten to drive us into the ocean for teaching the Negroes their own religion, since YOU won't dare teach it to them? You further say that America is a white Christian nation, that it was founded by white men for white men,' and that they (the founders) never intended for America to fall into the possession of a dark race. Just why then are you hindering the Negroes from going back to their OWN religion and people, especially since YOU are not going to divide this country with them and not going to treat them as your equal?

"Your Bible teaches that the 'Day' will come when every man will turn and go to his own. Did YOU originally own this part of our Planet? Aren't the red Indians the original owners, who are brothers of the dark Nation (of Islam) there is no part of our Planet that was ever given to the white race. The Planet belongs to US -- the Nation of Islam! And I am afraid that you might fall backwards into a lake of fire when you attempt to drive Islam into the ocean. If the Ocean is ours, so is the land that you claim to be yours. Your Bible teaches you that it belongs to us. You shall soon come to know.

"NEGROES, DRUNKARDS, THIEVES AND ROBBERS: You accuse the so-called Negroes, who are really members of the Holy Tribe of Shabazz, of being drunkards and thieves, and suggest that they should oppose Islam because it forbids Muslims to drink intoxicating drinks whereas most so-called Negroes (or as you said niggers) like to get drunk. Who makes the intoxicating drinks? Do YOU make it or do the so-called Negroes make it? And doesn't your Government legalize the sale of intoxicating drinks? Since you say that you are Christians and followers of Jesus, did Jesus teach and legalize the sale and drinking of strong drinks? And did you find that my people were thieves and drunkards in their Native Land four hundred years ago when they were kidnapped by John Hawkins and brought over here into slavery? And haven't YOU been their master and teacher ever since? The whatever they are today, YOU (the Christian race) made them that.

"You admit that Islam doesn't allow such evils but still you call Islam "infidelic'. The Christian religion permits every evil practice that is known to mankind and legalizes them. Such religion and people you call to be of Jesus!

"We know who YOU are, and who the so-called Negroes really are. The God of the Universe and the Right Religion are not asking you, nor thank you, for trying to tell us or our people (whom you call niggers) anything of God and His religion. When we get through opening the Negroes' eyes, you will take your hats off to them.

"Your letter is headed with 1 Thessalonians 3:14-16 and St. John 8:44-48. Why not 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4, 7-12; also 1 Corinthians 10:21. All these as well as St. John 8:44 refer to you and your race as the real devils, who even killed Jesus and the Prophets before Him, and who persecute us who believe and preach go to hell with you for believing and following you and your own Bible to pick that which condemns your own self! I am real happy to have received such open confessions of your evil self, as I am doing all I can to make the Negroes see that you and your religion are their open enemies, and to prove to them that they will never be anything but your slaves and finally go to hell with you for believing and following YOU and YOUR KIND.

"I hope the world of black mankind will read your letter to me. For you have many of them fooled. Some Arab Muslims think that you (the whites) can be made Muslims, but not me unless you are really born again. And it is too late for a rebirth.

"I say all so-called Negroes should give up the white race's religion and come into their own (Nation of Islam). In Islam alone they will enjoy brotherly love, peace of mind and contentment.

"DOUBTS AS TO THE SO-CALLED NEGROES' CAPABILITY OF SELF-INDEPENDENCE: I will admit the so-called Negroes educated and trained by you and your kind will never be able to maintain self-rule. But they are now reaching out for Allah and Islam, and for training from others of the OWN Nation who are and have been independent long before you were even created. We all know that you hold back the very key of knowledge that would make the so-called Negroes, that you school, from ever being capable of self-government. But they will get it in Islam. And when they have finished their courses, they won't even think of building a government on your basis. The world that you have built is nothing compared to that which Allah will build with your slaves (the so-called Negroes).

"You make it clear why you doubt Ghana's success in maintaining independence; because Ghana's Prime Minister graduated from one of your schools (Lincoln University) and because its your language (English) that is the common language in Ghana. But now they are studying their own, (Arabic), language, and soon they will return to their own religion (Islam).

"You said that if the Africans of America had self-respect and ability they would go to Ghana and help build a great African Nation. But not with your schooling! If you would stop interfering with those who are trying to qualify themselves for a return to their Native people and country, within a few years they all would leave you and your evil doings. But nay! You don't want them to leave your country. No! Not any more than Pharaoh wanted to see his slaves leave Egypt. But Allah is going to take yours as He took Pharaoh's slaves, believe it or not.

"You like to make fun of your slaves whom YOU have taught and trained. But they ARE your product.

"You make the so-called Negroes do for you everything that a real citizen does and yet you will not give them equal rights as a citizen. You make them fight to keep you free to rule them and their kind.

"They (so-called Negroes) pay equal taxes, but are paid the lowest wages. Even in your own state (Georgia) they aren't allowed to use your highway filling station's rest-rooms (but will be arrested if they are seen relieving themselves in public). They are not allowed to eat in your public eating places, though they may purchase the food and eat it on the outside. Yet when your country's future is at stake you tell them that this is their country and that they are citizens of it! You know that they are fools for believing what you say knowing that you have told them the same old false story many times and many of them believe you. But not me, or my followers.

"If there was any good in you (which there isn't) you would exempt all the so-called Negroes from paying taxes, since they are your free slaves. You don't intend to divide your 48 states with them, not even one state, nor the spoils of war that they so willingly help gain for you.

"The so-called Negroes do not demand anything from you, except that you stop killing them unjustly and give them equal justice under your laws as you do for yourself, and equal WAGES as you do for your kind and for the same labor. No, not land for themselves, nor instruments and money to go elsewhere which you have acquired from their labor, sweat and blood. No real civilized people would be asking for such small pay in return for four hundred years of free labor, free blood, life and for the use (misuse) of their women by you at your will -- only a foolish people without knowledge of you and their own kind would accept that.

"Thanks, THANKS to Allah, our God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, THE GREAT MAHDI, who was to come and has come, to restore -- Awe", who were lost from our OWN -- the Kingdom of Islam -- and to destroy those who have destroyed us.

"Thou art our God, O Allah, and we are Thy people. Deliver us from our murderers and we will serve and obey Thee all the days of our life and we will teach our children Thy Praises and to submit to Thee for Thy Unequaled Love and Mercy for us.

"And thanks to You, O Allah, for making manifest our enemy (the devil), and help us, O Allah, to die the death of a Muslim."


(Signed: Elijah Muhammad)


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