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Minister Jam Muhammad











Minister Jam Muhammad was Master Fard Muhammad's barber. Though not a barber, by profession, he cut the Savior's hair. He worked as a secretary for Master Fard Muhammad. He wrote the names in "The Book of Life", while the Savior was among us. According to Minister Jam Muhammad, one day Master Fard Muhammad told Messenger Elijah Muhammad to bring him (Jam Muhammad) with him the next time he came to see Him, because it was something He wanted Jam to do. Jam had good handwriting skills. Minister Jam Muhammad said he went with Messenger Elijah Muhammad on the next visit with Master Fard Muhammad. The Savior (Master Fard Muhammad) had a big book with a lock on it. He also had two big boxes. One was full of letters and one was empty. Minister Jam Muhammad said that The Saviour would unlock the big book, Himself, and turn to the page that he wanted Minister Jam to write the names. Minister Jam said that if he made even a small mistake, the Savior would rip out the entire page so that the name could be re-written correctly. Minister Jam  Muhammad said that the Saviour would take the letters out one at a time. And read and spell the name of each person. Every now and then, he would put a letter in the empty box. Minister Jam said,  The Savior said, those were from devils. Minister Jam Muhammad said that many times the Savior would write something after each name but that the Savior Never let him see what he wrote. Minister Jam Muhammad said that he was never left alone with the book, but that he always  wished he would be, so that he could see what Master Fard Muhammad was writing. Minister Jam Muhammad said  that as far as he knew, The Savior took the book with him.

Pictured Right To Left at the Wedding of Minister Levi &  Sister Zakiyah Karim's Wedding on November 6, 1988:  Minister Jam Muhammad (Messenger Elijah Muhammad's Blood Brother), Brother Johnnie Muhammad (Messenger Elijah Muhammad's Blood Brother), Sister Zakiyah Karim, Minister Levi Karim, & Minister John Muhammad (Messenger Elijah Muhammad's Blood Brother)

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