Saviour's Day in Richmond, Virginia

As Salaam Alaikum

Brothers and Sisters, this Sunday (February 25, 20190 we are going to present the last installment on The Black Family. We are also going to speak on the Coming of a Saviour to us and why such an introduction was necessary. Our condition was such that we were crying out for relief, for help to remove the burden of oppression, SLAVERY, SUFFERING AND DEATH from our lives and the lives of our children. WE begged and pleaded with the slave master to stop giving us hell right here on Earth. We were whipped, beaten, raped, lynched, murdered and deceived by this enemy. But our cries for help were heard and one who is mighty in Power and Force was fashioned to be our Loving Saviour. He was made specifically to come to America, to fulfill the promise made to Abraham. He was made to come as a thief in the night to find that which was lost, The Black Man in America, who had been kidnapped off the path and brought into America in the bottom of slave ships, shackled in chains like wild animals and beasts. We were stripped of our names, our religion and all knowledge of ourselves. Now, today as we look over the landscape in our community, it appears that we can't escape the evils of such horrendous treatment. We do not seem to be able to conceive of a better world and a greater life than that which has totally dominated us, on American soil. This mighty One found a black man in the bottom of the bowels in Detroit and fashioned this little man in such a way, that he was able to appoint him as The Last Messenger of Allah. This man is none other than Mr. Elijah Muhammad and for over forty years, Mr. Muhammad sounded the Trumpet and pulled the alarm for his people to hurry and come to learn about this mighty Son of Man and His work of delivering us from the hands and thoughts of our enemy.

Join us Sunday at The Do4Self Academy Temple of Islam at 2:00 PM, as we introduce the teachings that has come to free us from such merciless enemies. If we truly desire that white America stop being racists, then we must stop depending on them and unite to DO SOMETHING FOR OURSELVES.  Our unity is the greatest weapon and it will be the tool to build the bridge that we can travel over to start to construct our own Righteous and heavenly Civilization here on Earth. 


As Salaam Alaikum

Brother Jasir Hassan Abdul Khabir

Teacher of Islam

The Do4Self Academy Temple of Islam

Tel : 313-371-7033

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