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Supreme Wisdom Book

We Can Live Without White People
Types of Civilizations
This Old World is a Great Troublemaker
The Whites will Never Turn Muslim
The White People Are Now Being Revealed
Allah, Our God is One and Self Independent God
Words of Advice to White People
Why Don't the White People Leave Us Alone
Whites No Longer Rule Black Asia
White Race's Day is Over
White Man's Christianity
Where is Christians Love
What's Inside the Door of the New World
We Have No Birth Record
The White Christians
The Truth of the White Race Will Make Blacks Hate Them
The Time of the Dead
The So-called Negro Mentioned in the New Testament
The Sign of Christianity
The Righteous Civilization
The Present World is Against The Truth
The Mixing of Black and White Blood
The Knowledge of White Race Removes All Misunderstanding
The Devil's Lies
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