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The Dog

Muslim followers of Messenger Elijah Muhammad Teachings DO NOT KEEP DOGS IN OUR HOMES AS PETS.  When we do so we are acting "like the white people who love dogs and other animals"

We must keep our homes clean and keep the filthy dog out.


Messenger's Teachings on The Dog


How To Eat To Live Book 1
People (like the white people) who love dogs and other animals... It is very dangerous for you (whose civilization is not limited, but is limited if you follow the limited ones) to follow a civilization made by nature for a short time in their ways. This is what we have been doing, and this is what we must stop doing if we expect to survive. 


Theology of Time June 11, 1972
"There is people that have a nice clean home and if you love your dog, they advise you not to bring him in here. Some of us love dogs and want everybody else to love that dog.
You find a people who love dogs, they are classified with the enemy, the devil, who used to use dogs when he lived in the cave. And he made friends with the dog to help protect himself and his family.
Brothers and sisters, truth is truth. I have been given the knowledge of the devil. This is why they hate me. They don’t want me to tell you what God has taught me - the truth of them."


Message To The Blackman
The Holy Qur-an mentioned them as being turned into apes and swine as a divine curse, because of their disbelief in Moses.
 We do know that both of these animals are loved and befriended by the white race, along with the dog. 
Their next and best weapons were the dogs. They tamed some of these dogs to live in the caves with their families, to help protect them from the wild beasts. After a time, the dog held a high place among the family because of his fearlessness to attack the enemies of his master. Today, the dog is still loved by the white race and is given more justice than the so-called Negroes, and, is called the white man's best friend. This comes from the cave days.
 Until we enforce cleanliness among the people of our Nation and get them into the spirit of self-respect and the spirit of making themselves the equal of other civilized nations of the earth we will never be recognized as being fit members of any decent society of those nations.
the dog is still loved by the white race



How To Eat To Live, Book 2
As you know the chicken is as filthy as the swine or the dog. 
 The dog is a very filthy animal for one to name a food after. I do not see how in the world the public gets the idea to buy a food that goes under such a name as the filthy dog. 

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