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By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

To the Radio Audience: I am Elijah Muhammad, the preacher of Freedom, Justice and Equality to the American so-called Negro, not Negroes, but really Lost and Found members of the great Black Asiatic Nation from the Tribe of Shabazz, as Almighty God, Allah, has taught me in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is Due Forever for coming in this part of the world giving to us the knowledge of self and the knowledge of others The knowledge of God and the knowledge of the Devil and making clear and understandable that which we had never before was unable to understand of the truth.

Today we are thankful, who have heard this truth coming from the mouth of Almighty God, Allah, In the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. That which we had never heard. That which we did not even hope to hear. We are thankful and give praise to Almighty, God, Allah forever for His coming.

We are happy, regardless to our affliction that we are not suffering. We are still happy because we have every hope and assurance that one day we will also be happy and there will be no affliction.

We don't look forward, as the Christian preacher preaches, to die and go into the earth and rise up out of the earth again, and get joy out of a life of spirits. We expect all of this joy in this life and not a spirit life. For Almighty God, Allah, has revealed to us the truth.



We have been talking or rather teaching on the true religion, which is a great subject, which we will continue after this subject.

We are going to pick up what we have been writing on for the last few weeks. The Great Dragon of the twelveth chapter of Revelation (The Bible).

The name given, there, to the devil, according to the Bible in the ninth verse of the twelveth chapter. It says: The great dragon was cast out.,that old serpent called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the world; he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast with him.

This, I can say truthfully, that for the last few weeks of writing on this particular subject in Chapter 12 of The Revelation, you that have been reading it, now, understand who really the dragon is.

The dragon is that particular person or people that is called the devil - the satan.

This particular chapter (the 12th Chapter) gives us a good knowledge that this is not no spook or spirit or something other than human. The dragon is a human and we find it here in the 3rd verse of the same chapter (the 12th).

In the 3rd verse of the 12th chapter, it reads something like this, and there appeared another wonder in heaven and the holy great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads. Seven crowns upon his heads. This cannot refer to a savage four-footed (or legged) beast. It cannot refer to some spirit. This refers to a human being or beings. And the name dragon is given according to the characteristics or work of that being.

I say a very good interpretation or proper name for this word or name dragon is because the particular wicked character, whom prophet gave this name to, drags people- the good people - away from good and induces evil instead of good for them.

He's ever dragging the righteous from the path of righteousness away from Allah, the true and living God. Deceiving them, as it teaches us here in the 9th verse. He deceived the whole world.

No snake, no beast, can deceive us. It takes another human being, with intelligent brains like ours or more intelligence than ours to deceive us.

When one deceives another in the human family he's given credit that he has a little more brains or a little more skill in tricking the other one and making the other one a prisoner or prey to his knowledge. So it is with the serpent or dragon, here, referred to in Genesis and also the Revelation. The first and the last book mentions this serpent.

The serpent, here, is a human being. He had the voice of a man ,or people in the garden of Paradise. He could speak even Adam's own language. And he understood the language of God. So, therefore, it was not a real snake, as someone has made you to believe in the past to blind you further to the knowledge of actually who the serpent really is.

They said that, even, the snake used to walk, but having the language to speak and converse with human beings was also to be reckoned with. If he walked on four feet or a hundred feet, how about that language! Could he speak our language? Or could he deceive us, and he being a reptile?

Alligators go on four feet. There are other reptiles, today, that are crawling and walking on four feet and swimming in water, but they don't deceive us. They are not smart enough. Nature didn't give them  that intelligent brain to equal our intelligent brains. So, therefore, this particular character under the name serpent, or dragon, mentioned here in the Bible - in Genesis and the Revelation - refers to a human being or many beings.

Why that it's mentioned, or the pronoun "he" is given to him here or referred to as singular, is due to the fact that the Revelation is mentioning the very head of the dragon people or the serpent-like people, which only means their characteristics.

This particular dragon is the head of the nation or race. And therefore it is mentioned clear enough for you and I to understand, here in the third verse, that he had seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads.

Now this is the head of the head of that particular serpent or dragon. And being given to us or taught to us in symbolic language, we find that these heads represents something material. These heads represent government, people or actually places of power  where the serpent-like people or dragon-like people rules. 

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